Unique Christian Apparel and More!
Unique Christian Apparel and More!
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Humble beginnings

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Hi guys (insert vigorous hand wave)

I decided to start a blog of sorts to keep everyone informed of new design ideas, new creative adventures and also to give some personal information about myself. 

My name is Ciera Johnson. I am a single mother of two boys (8yrs and 1month).  I am a full time,older college student. I have always been the creative type and as I learn new skills its easy for me to get ideas and have no real vision or direction with how to complete them. I have some background in design and I am utilizing my free time to expand my skills. 

I have a few friends/acquaintances that have their own businesses of various sizes and I have watched and gotten information from them as they progress. I have attempted in the past to do the online selling thing. Truth is its easier for me to sell in person.  This blog is more of a testimonial and trial and error tracker, hopefully someone else can read/comment and help as well as receive help. 

Design and inspriation

I am a Christian. Not the usual old-school, holier than thou type. I am ok with tattoos, homosexuals, and every other person that is here on earth!  I Love Jesus but HATE religion.  I believe the Christs' church is multicultural,multi generational and multi denominational.  My first two design collections reflect who I am at the core, Christian and Black.  I just think it will be interesting to read the Bible and make sketches of designs and ideas based on what was studied. 

There are other ideas that I have! I do love essential oils and I am a Doterra consultant. This company and its products are amazing! If you are interested in learning more please visit www.mydoterra.com/cierajohnson. This love for essential oils and natural products has inspired me in the past to make  home-made whipped body butter. They are a hit at my church! I may start selling them on this website within a couple months!

Feel free to provide input for possible future designs based on scripture!